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Vote for Frankston’s future… Industrial estate needs to expand.

The Carrum Downs Industrial Estate is Frankston City’s shining economic success story.

Carrum Downs businesses have invested in cutting-edge technology, clean production and on-demand manufacturing plants; they own their own intellectual property and are exporting it to the world. The industrial estate’s numbers alone are impressive – generating $3.65 billion in economic activity it’s a third of our municipality’s output, employing 8600 people, and grows jobs 13 times higher than the regional average.

Carrum Downs also boasts an irreplaceable community of innovative, high-tech, clean manufacturers with groundbreaking products like C02 absorbing germ retarding paints; vegan, wheat-free pasta; patented, reusable signage; and market-leading sugar-free drinks.

Frankston has “fewer than two years’ supply of industrial zone land left inside the Urban Growth Boundary” (UGB), and much of it is “heavily restricted and/or encumbered” (Charter Keck Cramer report, Nov 2019).

Committee for Greater Frankston CEO Ginevra Hosking said this estate is the engine room of Frankston’s economy. However, Ms Hosking noted the precinct was virtually at capacity and Carrum Downs’ job growth could not continue without more industrially zoned land.

If council wants to retain a thriving sustainable manufacturing sector, it must find more land somewhere or we’ll lose what we already have”.

Ms Hosking said the next council had a clear choice to grow future local jobs in the booming Carrum Downs manufacturing sector by making appropriate land available.

“If more land is not made available to cater for growth it’s likely that our high-tech sustainable manufacturing sector and its jobs will depart the municipality,” she said. “Leaving Frankston as just another transport dependent dormitory suburb with high unemployment.”