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Vote for Frankston’s future.

Vote for Frankston’s future newsletter 2020: Frankston rail extension

Rail project to transform region.

Job creation, connecting our community, getting cars off heavily congested roads and freeing up clogged car parks.

The Frankston railway extension project, which has been on the ‘drawing board’ in one form or another for almost a century, will transform the region with remarkable and profound benefits.

It’s now closer than ever before.

In February 2020, this project was recognised by Infrastructure Australia as a near-term national priority project, but it cannot go ahead without financial support from the State Government, which is yet to be committed.

The Committee for Greater Frankston is calling for $500 million plus project, which already has an initial $225 million federal funds allocated,  to be fast-tracked.

Extending the metropolitan rail line to Langwarrin is a distance of just 5km or further onto Baxter, a total of 8km, but the benefits that this short rail project will unlock are profound.

“It will transform transport in the region by connecting 38,000 residents of Karingal, Frankston Heights and Langwarrin to Melbourne’s metro train network and will include a new 1000-plus commuter car and add new stations for additional bus services,” Committee President Rod Evenden said.

Other major benefits include:

  • Six-times more students gain access to Monash Peninsula in 50 minutes;
  • Freeing up CBD parking for shoppers and traders;
  • Giving 2800 nurses, doctors and health workers the option of taking public transport to Frankston Hospital; and
  • Offering 160,000 Mornington Peninsula residents their own train link.

“This will create a truly dependable backbone for local public transport so young people can access part time jobs, workers will spend less time commuting, more parking will be available for traders and visitors in Frankston’s CBD and we will get vehicles off congested roads,” Mr Evenden said. Many residents and businesses were doing it tough before the COVID-19 pandemic and ensuing restrictions. “Our region requires a massive boost and the rail extension ticks all the boxes,” he said.

“The new council elected in October are in the prime position to make history and help Frankston deliver this long anticipated and vital piece of infrastructure.”