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Vote for Frankston’s future…

The Greater Frankston region is bursting with potential and now is the time to realise it. With the Frankston City Council election being held by post next month, residents have the chance to vote for councillor candidates who will work towards unlocking the remarkable possibilities and promise of our region. The importance of jobs, investment and economic security cannot be overstated in this critical time, which has been drastically impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic. Ratepayers will be voting for our children’s future.

This website will inform you about the position of Frankston Council candidates on issues and matters important to the people of Greater Frankston.

The Committee for Greater Frankston – an organisation independent of political party politics – is a bold advocate for projects and strategies to generate sustainable economic growth and expanded job opportunities, to revitalise the entire region.

Frankston’s beachside vibe makes it an amazing locale to reside, raise a family and work. However, with only 31 jobs available per 100 residents, increasing local permanent employment needs to remain a strategic priority – hence the Committee’s vital ongoing advocacy to support continued job growth in our thriving sustainable manufacturing sector in Carrum Downs.

For decades we’ve all heard talk about electrifying and duplicating the train line beyond Frankston. Now this project is tantalisingly close. The $500 million plus rail extension plan has scored an initial $225 million in federal funds. But the Victorian Government has not yet committed and it cannot go ahead without its support.

Other major projects championed by the Committee are: the long overdue rejuvenation of the Nepean Highway entrance into Frankston’s CBD, greater connectivity between key learning institutions and the development of a health and education precinct to realise the vision for a vibrant ‘education town’.

In these challenging times our elected council representatives should work with the Frankston community to attract greater investment, create more jobs and improve transport, health and education outcomes in this wonderful region that we all love.

North-East Ward

Carrum Downs, Langwarrin, Skye and Sandhurst
The Carrum Downs Industrial Estate is at virtual capacity and urgently requires room to expand to cater for job growth. Employment and the provision of vital community infrastructure, such as kindergartens and footpaths, through the suburbs and connecting into the local parks and reserves, are also issues in the North-East Ward. Planning for a ‘town centre’ community space in both Langwarrin and Carrum Downs is required.

Important Information

  • Three councillors will be elected to represent each Ward
  • The 2020 Frankston City Council elections will be held by post
  • For more information, visit
  • Authorised by Ginevra Hosking on behalf of the Committee for Greater Frankston, 20 Klauer Street, Seaford 3198. -23 September 2020.