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Tim Gledhill (CEO, Peninsula Leisure)

Tim became CEO of Peninsula Leisure for the September 2013 grand opening of the Peninsula Aquatic and Recreational Centre. Since, Tim has grown PARC into Frankston’s flagship community facility- welcoming over 2 million visitors and keeping over 10,000 members active and healthy.
PARCs rapid success is credited to the collective efforts of 320 staff who create high quality experiences and engage the Frankston Community through exciting and unusual events, like ‘30oC winter holidays’ and ‘PORC obstacle fitness challenges’. This different promotional approach to community engagement can be seen at the recently acquired Pines Forest Aquatic Centre where entry fees were reduced (by up to 25%) and free entry offered with dinner every Friday night in Summer which drove up seasonal attendance and without a negative budgetary impact.
Independently governed Peninsula Leisure sees itself as the regional expert in sport, recreation and leisure… and is well on its way to meeting its stated goal of becoming an industry leader in the management of community leisure facilities.

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