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Specialised Teaching Hospital

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Health and Education Precinct



Peninsula Health and Monash University partnership will:

  • Grow our leading health research and education sector.
  • Attract and train the next generation of health professionals in Frankston.
  • Generate job growth 2.5 times the national average.

The proposed Frankston Hospital redevelopment and new train station are essential to making this happen.

  • Strategic regeneration of a major regional hospital servicing a catchment the size of Canberra.
  • 1000 jobs during construction plus 500 new professional healthcare jobs with world-leading research into emerging fields such as aged care, diabetes management, chronic disease, mental health, and treatment of addiction and social disadvantage.

Read more about the Frankston Hospital redevelopment project

On 10 September 2018, Premier Daniel Andrews announced his government if re-elected would spend $562 million redeveloping Frankston Hospital, with two matching 11-storey towers, an additional 120 beds, two new operating theatres, two floors for mental health, dedicated women’s and children’s wards, and integrated cancer centre. Work to start in 2020 with completion in 2024.