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On the 26 February 2020, Frankston public transport problems were listed on Infrastructure Australia’s latest register of national priority projects as a near-term (0–5 years) priority. The initiative – one of 147 listed as nationally significant – covers the long-awaited 5km rail upgrade to Langwarrin.
On the 16 June 2020, a report on the Advisory Committee’s recommendations were forwarded to Infrastructure Australia and Infrastructure Victoria.

“Extending the line will radically transform public transport in our region, driving job creation, getting cars off congested roads, and making better use of public and private assets like Frankston Hospital and Monash University. We hope state Labor get on board soon.”      Fred Harrison, C4GF president 2019

A key priority of the Committee for Greater Frankston is extension of the metropolitan rail line past Frankston to Langwarrin, a distance of just 5 km, and on to Baxter, a further 3 km.

The enormous public benefits of extending the Frankston train line are well known throughout our community. The Federal Coalition government and Federal Opposition understand the nationally-significant benefits and both have already committed to provide $225 million, half of the project’s estimated cost.  

However, the extension of the Frankston train line – and the benefits it will bring – is not guaranteed.

Extending the train line requires both federal and state government funding. The Victorian Labor government has yet to commit to the project. If the Victorian State government does not back the project, it cannot go ahead.

Read about how the extension of the line is strategically important for access and transportation in the Greater Frankston and Mornington Peninsula region.

What has happened so far?
Follow the rail extension story.

17 May, 2022

Will unused East West Link $4 billion benefit Frankston rail extension?

Federal Labor has given the strongest public indication yet that the Frankston rail extension remains on its agenda if it wins government.

On Tuesday, Federal Labor hinted at a stronger path forward for the Frankston extension when it announced it would unlock $4 billion of federal funding that was earmarked for the abandoned East West Link project.

Read full story here

17 May, 2022

Anthony Albanese promises to unlock $4bn for Victorian infrastructure

Having attacked the Morrison government for failing to give Victoria a fair share of road and rail funding, Ms King said the level of investment “certainly will be higher” under Labor, although she stopped short of backing Victoria’s push for a 25 per cent share in line with the state’s population.

With several expensive projects stalled under the Coalition, including Monash and Baxter rail links and the Shepparton bypass, Ms King said she would assess how these could be progressed with the Victorian government while focusing on Labor’s priorities.

Read full Herald Sun story here

17 May, 2022

Our community awareness campaign was published in the Frankston Times (17/05/22)

13 May, 2022

The following comment was submitted in response to The Age article “Auditor-general mulls review of federal infrastructure spending in Victoria”

Audits yes, do Frankston Rail extension too

When the federal Auditor-General reviews infrastructure funding allocated to Victoria (The Age, 13/5), he also needs to look at how the Victorian government starves Melbourne’s outer suburbs.

The Andrews Labor government has steadfastly refused to support Frankston’s rail extension, for which the federal Coalition government put $225 million in its 2019 Budget to be matched dollar for dollar.

Read full comment here

11 May, 2022

The following comment was submitted online in response to the Nine News article “Albanese pledges $2.2 billion boost for Melbourne’s new train network” and the Herald Sun article “Federal Labor pledges $2.2bn for Andrews government’s Suburban Rail Loop”

Suburban rail loop hurts Frankston

Labor’s Anthony Albanese promising the Victorian government $2.2bn for stage one of the Suburban Rail Loop brings no joy to Frankston. All it will do is enable more northbound commuters to clog up Frankston’s CBD with its lack of carparking.

Read full comment here

10 May, 2022

ABC News visited Frankston this week to find out from Dunkley residents what matters the most to them this election. Rising cost of living, housing affordability and lack of infrastructure for the community formed the basis of the three following features.

Read full story here

10 May, 2022

Budget cash for schools, but rail extension misses out

The Committee For Greater Frankston have been calling for funding to duplicate and electrify the Frankston line to Baxter, which has been projected to cost up to $1.5 billion.

Read full Frankston Times story here

May 3, 2022

Nothing for Frankston rail in State Budget – again

The Victorian Budget was again a great disappointment for proponents of the long-proposed Frankston rail extension. Not one red cent was allocated to the project. Frankston was mentioned just once in the Budget, announced on Tuesday by Victorian Treasurer Tim Pallas.

The state government doled out $9.7 million for suburban streetscape improvements, yes, less than $10 mill – and Frankston has to share this paltry amount with seven other suburbs – Boronia, Broadmeadows, Lilydale, Melton, Noble Park, Reservoir and Tarneit.

Read full story here

1 May, 2022

Our community awareness campaign was published in the Mornington Peninsula Magazine (May Edition).

April 26, 2022

Locals speak on ‘how to improve Frankston public transport’

Fresh eyes on public transport in Frankston – that’s what Warwick Smith brings to the table; eyes that confirm many of the priorities for which C4GF has been advocating since its formation in early 2018, like extending the metro train line.

Read full story here

14 April, 2022

Keep an eye out around the streets of Frankston, Karingal and Langwarrin as our community awareness campaign steps up a gear. Our truck billboards will be on the move over the next six weeks.

13 April, 2022

And away we go – the election campaign

At the past two federal elections, both major parties made promises to build the extension but there are insufficient funds on the table – AND the project can’t go ahead without Victorian government approval and co-funding.

C4GF’s public awareness campaign about the underfunding started late last year with the theme “92 years waiting for a train – Extend the Frankston line”and now the campaign ramps up.

With most of the community backing the campaign, local media have been terrific at keeping the community informed including radio (3MP and RPP-FM) and print (MP MagazineFrankston Times and MP News Group) and online.

Read full story here

4 April, 2022

Listen out on 3MP, as our community awareness campaign is back on the air, showcasing local community voices.

Take a trip back in time to 1929 when the Victorian Parliamentary Committee for proposed the Frankston train line extension
Ritchies CEO Fred Harrison discusses the economic benefits of an extension to our local businesses.
Local student Renae talks about the need for public transport to help young people access jobs and education. 
This segment is an urgent call to action for Canberra to, once and for all, deliver this national infrastructure priority project and thus help our community thrive.
Social reform advocate and local resident Rev Tim Costello reflects on the growth of the Frankston community from a seaside town to a bustling city.
The Committee for Greater Frankston CEO, Ginevra Hosking asks the question, Where the bloody hell is our train?

4 April, 2022

Victoria on infrastructure rations, outer ‘burbs starve

The federal Budget has once again put Victoria on infrastructure rations but it’s the outer suburbs that suffer most, says advocacy group the Committee for Greater Frankston.

Canberra’s $225 million for the proposed Frankston rail line extension remains on the table, but the Victorian government continues to ignore the project.

“While the Coalition government and the state government argue about infrastructure spending on mega projects, there has been no action on a nationally important project Infrastructure Australia listed in 2020 and said should be built in the next five years,” said Ginevra Hosking, the Frankston committee’s CEO.

“The Coalition government has not added one cent to its 2019 initial commitment of $225 million when it promised to build Frankston’s rail extension and the Victorian Labor Government continues to obstruct the project.

Read full media release here

1 April, 2022

Where the bloody hell is our train?

Politicians will be after your vote again this year – at the federal election in May and in November at the Victorian election.

They might stop you in the street, robocall you on the phone or put a brochure in your hand or letterbox.

If you’re feeling bold, ask them: ‘Where the bloody hell is our train?’

Read full media release here

The article was published in the April edition of the Mornington Peninsula Magazine.

1 April, 2022

Our community awareness campaign was published in the Mornington Peninsula Magazine (April Edition).

31 March, 2022

The following comment was published online on the 31 March in response to The Age article Commonwealth defence of Victoria snub doesn’t add up.

Extending the Frankston rail line was first recommended in 1929.

This project has bipartisan federal support, a clear public benefit case to fix our region’s inadequate public transport network, and is one of only only a handful of urgent Victorian projects listed as a “near term” (0-5 years) national infrastructure priority (Infrastructure Australia, 2020 Priority Initiatives).

Morrison’s 2018 promise was: “Building metro rail for Frankston East (Hospital/Monash Uni), Karingal, Langwarrin, Baxter & surrounds” and the initial $225 million is funded.

Without gold plating, a single, 5km track to Langwarrin will cost $400-500m; twin tracks $650-850m. (The 8km Mernda extension cost $600m in 2018.)

So where the bloody hell is it?

Read full comment here

30 March, 2022

The following comment was published online on the 30 March in response to The Age article Right on cue. politicians’ worrying addiction on show

Business cases are gamed

While we agree with much of Grattan Institute’s Marion Terrill’s opinion about transport infrastructure funding (The Age, 29/3), getting business cases for projects in outer suburbs is devilishly difficult and does not guarantee rational decisions.

Our community managed to get a government cost-benefit study for the Frankston rail extension, but it explicitly omitted the project’s economic benefits and basic technical designs. Orwellian. Six years for a $1.5m study as useless as blank paper.

Read full comment here

1 March, 2022

Our community awareness campaign was published in the Mornington Peninsula Magazine (March Edition)

The Mornington Peninsula Shire’s priority project – Rail Electrification Beyond Frankston was covered widely in the media.

1 March | Frankston Times | Page 6

28 February | Bayside News | Shire wants trains

23 February | Western Port News | Page 1&10

22 February | Mornington News | Page 1&11

22 February | Southern Peninsula News | Page 1&9

1 March | Mornington News | Letter to the Editor

24 February, 2022

Shire Call: build Langwarrin rail today to benefit tomorrow

The 11-member council late last year unanimously agreed to back electrification beyond Frankston and has now made it a “priority project”, actively seeking state government support.

The shire says Mornington Peninsula residents would benefit from a 2000-plus space commuter park and ride at a new Langwarrin station – which would be next to Peninsula Link freeway – as an alternative to driving into and parking in Frankston’s congested CBD.

Read full media release here

22 February, 2022

Mornington Peninsula Shire released their priority project document – Rail Electrification Beyond Frankston

Seeking Federal and State Government funding support to extend the Frankston Line to Langwarrin as part of a 2-stage process.

Read press release here

16 February, 2022

The following comment was posted in response to the Herald Sun’s article Benchmarking Melbourne report finds significant number of people not enjoying benefits of city’s liveability and Pain-plagued projects stall as Coalition pledges to spend big.

Delayed projects? Ha! Frankston rail’s ready to go
The revelation that $13bn of Victorian road and rail projects pledged by the federal Coalition in 2019 have stalled (Herald Sun, 14/2/22) triggers anger and frustration for Frankston residents – because extension of the metro rail line was first recommended by government 92 years ago.
Yes, not a misprint: 92 years.

Read full comment here

15 February, 2022

Our city’s key strengths are also its challenges

The report’s release coincided with an opinion piece in the Herald Sun written by CEO for the Committee for Greater Frankston Martine Letts. She further reiterates the importance of investing in our transport system and addresses how Melbourne’s greatest strengths are also its weaknesses, outer Melbourne suburbs do not encounter the same accessibility as the inner city. “Servicing a city that is more spread out than most and provides more space to its residents means our transport and technology connectivity face growing pains”

15 February, 2022

The Committee for Greater Melbourne have released the Benchmarking Melbourne Report 2022, which measures Melbourne’s performance against 20 of its peer cities including Sydney, Singapore, San Francisco and Vancouver.

The report findings indicate A Tale of Two Cities in Melbourne, where a growing divergence in accessibility between the inner city region and Greater Melbourne is forming. This was particularly evident when accessing our public transport network. Only 22% of residents live within 500m of public transport access, this is dismal compared to similar cities including Berlin 51% and Toronto 40%.

This report was featured in the Herald Sun on pages 6-7 in the article Flawed City on Cusp of Greatness.

Read full report

View media release

14 February, 2022

Pain-plagued projects stall as Coalition pledges to spend big

At least $13bn of road and rail projects pledged by the federal Coalition in Victoria are in limbo amid rows over planning and budget blowouts ahead of the 2022 election.

For the Shepparton bypass and Baxter rail, business cases have found the government’s commitments of $208m and $225m are about six times short of what will be required. 

Read Full Herald Sun story here

31 January, 2022

C4GF launches two bus advertisements within the Greater Frankston area, as part of our ongoing Frankston rail extension campaign.

1 January, 2022

The following article was published in the Mornington Peninsula Magazine page 15.

Governments: show some vision and build Frankston rail extension

It is nearly four years since we first covered the proposed Frankston rail extension – “Century-old rail dream on horizon”. Mid-2018, the federal Coalition government allocated money for the project nut no action has been taken since.

1 January, 2022

This advertisement was published in the January edition of the Mornington Peninsula Magazine page 14, as part of our ongoing Frankston rail extension awareness campaign.

31 December, 2021

Year in Review 2021

All members of the Committee for Greater Frankston have input into the committee’s advocacy priorities each year.

Our advocacy priorities for 2021 were:
Fast links to work – starting with Frankston rail extension
More advanced design and manufacturing supported by better freight hubs
Leading in health research and higher education, including the Frankston Hospital redevelopment, university and TAFE
Vibrant city economy – including continued public realm revitalisation (including the Nepean Highway precinct); good structure planning for a thriving student town; adequate affordable car parking; and better pedestrian connectivity.

23 December, 2021

Our comment in response to The Age article Anger as federal cash pledged to Melbourne’s south-east is shelved was published on the 23rd of December and posted online.

21 December, 2021

In Response to The Age’s article Anger as federal cash pledged to Melbourne’s south-east is shelved published on the 21st of December. The Committee for Greater Frankston published the following media release.

Don’t weep for broken City Deal, just build Frankston rail

It is disappointing the federal government is walking away from its 2019 City Deal election commitment to Melbourne’s southeast, but the Frankston rail extension already is a nationally recognised infrastructure project that the Morrison government separately committed to building – and partially funded – and should not be further delayed.

Read full article here

16 November, 2021

PM Plays Blame Game

Mr Morrison visited Sabrini Foods in Carrum Downs on Friday. While there he said that his government remains  “committed to the [Frankston line] project” and pinned the blame for the standstill on the state government

Read Full Story Here

The following comment was posted on the 15th of November in response to The Herald Sun’s article Scott Morrison rejects Daniel Andrews funding request for Suburban Rail Loop

View Comment Here


Victorian State Government commits $9.3 billion to fund the Suburban Rail Loop Project.

Where is the funding for the Frankston train line extension?

Read full story here

13 November, 2021

C4GF’s community awareness campaign kicks into gear on 3MP

Read the full story and listen to our advertisements here

A letter to the editor was submitted to the Herald Sun on November 10, 2021 in response to Frankston City Council’s position on extending the Frankston line to Leawarra Station that was published in the Leader and online.

Read it here

Our media release issued on November 4, 2021 calling for both the federal Liberal and Labour parties to recommit funding to the Frankston rail extension has been broadly covered in the media as follows:

Frankston Times (Page 6)

Bayside News

Mornington Online News


November 4, 2021

IT’S 92 years since the community was told the electrified rail line should be extended beyond Frankston station. As the nation heads towards another federal election campaign, local eyes are on the incumbent Coalition government to see if it will honour its 2018 pledge to build the rail extension. And on Federal Labor to reconfirm its 2018 commitment to the project as it attempts to win government in 2022.

Read our media release here

View our campaign in the Mornington Peninsula Magazine (Page 14)

On May 6, 2021 State Member for Frankston Paul Edbrooke MP spoke in Parliament about Federal Government funding promises that aren’t being delivered, including the rail extension electrification.
Watch the video here.

On May 13, 2021 Frankston City Council Mayor Cr Kris Bolam, and CEO Phil Cantillon, met with The Hon Michael McCormack MP, and Peta Murphy MP Federal Member for Dunkley, to advocate for local projects including the electrification of the rail line beyond Frankston. You can read the LinkedIn post here.
Pictured above (left to right): Federal Member for Dunkley, Peta Murphy MP, Deputy Prime Minister, The Hon Michael McCormack MP, Frankston City Mayor, Kris Bolam and Council CEO, Phil Cantillon

Our media release issued on March 29, 2021 calling for FULL funding for the rail extension to be coordinated in the next Victorian and Federal budget has been covered extensively in the media, on radio 3MP as well as the following:
Westernport News. (Page 7)
Mornington Peninsula News. (Page 12)
Mornington Peninsula Magazine.

A letter to the editor was submitted on 11 February 2021 in response to the State Government announcement about the Pakenham East rail extension which was published in the Herald Sun. 
Read it here.

9 December 2020
Construction of the Frankston rail extension needs to start within the next five years, says Infrastructure Victoria in its 30-year draft infrastructure strategy. Read the full story here.

7 December 2020 – Rail passengers kept out of the loop.
FRANKSTON line trains will skip the City Loop for the next five years.
Major changes to train services were locked in last week. Passengers on the Frankston Line will skip the City Loop and travel straight through to Flinders Street until the opening of the Metro Tunnel in 2025. Read the full story here.

12 November 2020 – Do the economics on empty car parks
Building 85 new car parks to accommodate 1470 new workers in the proposed eight-storey Bayside Shopping Centre extension on Balmoral Street will create even higher parking prices in Frankston’s CBD and add to parking problems in the future. Read the full story here.

Rail extension business case ‘Orwellian’
9 November 2020 –
The release of the long-awaited Frankston rail extension preliminary business case shows that woefully inadequate public transport in our region is still not being taken seriously by the state government, says the Committee for Greater Frankston.

8 October 2020.
Tuesday’s federal Budget revealed Canberra remains steadfastly committed to the proposed Frankston rail extension, says the Committee for Greater Frankston. The full $225 million in funding for the project remains locked in the Federal Budget and is available within the forward estimates. This funding would enable further detailed planning works to begin – with the proviso the Victorian Government gave the project the green light. Read the full story here.

25 November 2020.
The Budget contained big dollars for rail projects – connecting Melbourne’s suburban rail network, getting to the airport, and fast rail to Geelong – but not a single dollar for the long-proposed Frankston line extension. Read the full story here.

Report: Public transport connectivity to, and through, Frankston
16 June 2020. Earlier this year, Infrastructure Australia (IA) listed “Frankston Public Transport Connectivity” as one of its six key “near-term” nation-building projects in Victoria. The national infrastructure body then tasked a local advisory committee to explore 23 ideas that would significantly improve public transport and revitalise the region’s economy. This report to Infrastructure Australia recognises that the key to solving inadequate public transport connectivity in the region hinges on building a double-track rail extension to Langwarrin at least, or potentially Baxter, with trains running every 15 minutes.

Frankston public transport identified as a top national infrastructure priority

26 February 2020, Frankston public transport problems were listed on Infrastructure Australia’s latest register of national priority projects as a near-term (0–5 years) priority. The initiative – one of 147 listed as nationally significant – covers the long-awaited 5km rail upgrade to Langwarrin

Rail extension cost-benefits study handed over to feds

29 October 2019.
The Committee for Greater Frankston notes that the Victorian Minister for Transport infrastructure, Hon. Jacinta Allan has released the Frankston rail extension preliminary cost – benefit study to the federal Deputy Prime Minister, Hon Michael McCormack. The benefits of the rail extension are already widely understood by our community. This project will radically transform public transport in our region, drive creation of new jobs and improve overall prosperity, reduce congestion on roads, free-up crowded car parks, and make better use of public and private assets such as Frankston Hospital and Monash’s Peninsula campus.

National faster rail agency delegation visits Frankston

On the 23 October representatives from Frankston City Council, the Committee for Greater Frankston and Monash Peninsula hosted an official delegation from the National Faster Rail Agency.   The National Faster Rail Agency (NFRA) is a newly formed agency providing advice to government about how investments in improved rail infrastructure will assist in unlocking the economic development opportunities in the surrounding regions of Australia’s largest cities.

Media coverage: Frankston railway line to stretch to Mornington under bold new plans. Frankston Hospital would have a station and trains would run to the Mornington Peninsula under a radical plan to get “cars off congested roads” and “free up crowded carparks” in Melbourne’s outer southeast. Read more here.

September 2019 –
VICTORIAN Liberal Senator David Van says he will champion the Frankston rail extension in his new role as “patron” of Dunkley electorate. The federally-funded rail extension business case was due to be released by the Victorian government in the first quarter of 2019 and then last month, August, but is now expected at the end of September…. Senator Van said the project had first been proposed to the state government in 1929: “It was rejected 90 years ago and it could take up to 10 years to build so I look forward to attending the opening on the 100th anniversary of that particular mistake,” he said. Senator Van said he would ask questions of the state government if the preliminary business case was not released by end September. Read the full story here.

10 September 2019 – The Committee for Greater Frankston has made a formal submission to Infrastructure Australia ahead of its 2020 infrastructure priority list on the lack of public transport across the Greater Frankston and the Mornington Peninsula region. Outlining the proposal for the Frankston rail extension- our region most important infrastructure project- and how it will benefit the 400,000 living in the region (a population of equal size to Canberra). Read the full story here.

September 2019
TWO new transport infrastructure reports strongly back the proposed Frankston train line extension. Rail Futures Institute’s blueprint for the next 30 years of rail development in Melbourne calls for the extension to be built by 2026, while a Prosper Australia–Chris Hale Infra Strategy report says nine urgently needed rail projects including the Frankston to Baxter extension can be fast-tracked by using more progressive funding models that would include developer contributions. Access the full story here.

Rail extension study release imminent. August 2019

The Committee for Greater Frankston has been working behind the scene for the public release of the Frankston rail extension’s preliminary business case. This week both Minister Tudge’s and Minister Allan’s departments confirmed that the Victorian government will sign-over the federally-funded report to commonwealth government in the coming weeks. This is a necessary milestone to finalise any shared financing arrangement for the rail extension project in 2020.

Morrison government reaffirms commitment to rail extension project. June 2019

The Federal Government has claimed the much vaunted Baxter rail project remains on track, despite losing its key advocate. Dunkley Liberal MP Chris Crewther, a passionate supporter, lost his seat in last month’s election. But Flinders Liberal MP and Health Minister Greg Hunt said the government remained committed.

State Budget $6m kick-starts planning of $562m hospital expansion, but nothing for the rail extension. June 2019

THE Victorian Budget includes $6 million to begin planning the $562 million expansion of Frankston Hospital.
“There is nothing in this Budget for the Frankston rail extension, but we are eagerly awaiting the state government’s business case for the project,” she said. “Anticipation is rising in the community as we are just four weeks away from the long-awaited mid-year release date. The Frankston rail extension already has a commitment of $225 million from the Liberal-National Coalition government, secured by Chris Crewther in last year’s federal budget and now being passionately championed by our new Labor MP for Dunkley, Peta Murphy.” However, the Victorian Labor government has yet to commit to the project. If the Victorian State government does not back the project, it cannot go ahead.

Election dust settles: now comes the real work of improving Greater Frankston. May 2019

THE Liberal–National Coalition has retained government and the Frankston-based seat of Dunkley has a new MP, but the focus now is on delivery of many pledges made for the electorate, says Committee for Greater Frankston’s Ginevra Hosking. “As far as Dunkley residents are concerned, we believe most will judge the re-elected Morrison government on its ability to deliver the projects it has promised for our region,” she said. “We have been given a rare opportunity, a once in a generation chance, to create jobs, boost prosperity and turbocharge growth through important transport and health projects that were allocated funds in the past two federal Budgets or were supported during the election campaign.”

On Monday, Peta Murphy told the Frankston Times: “Really, the first priority was always representing Dunkley in Canberra, and that doesn’t change in government or in opposition. I’ll have to be a little bit louder in opposition but luckily I’ve got a very loud voice. Chris Crewther told The Times: “There’s been heaps of things done in this term and heaps of budgeted things done for Dunkley by the Coalition government [including] the $225 million for Baxter line electrification and duplication. I hope the state government gets on board, working with the member for Dunkley on that project. There’s $32 million for the Health Futures Hub, funding for the Ballarto Road project [as well as for] a range of different sporting clubs. Significant amounts have already been delivered to these projects, and more will be completed in years to come whether I’m in the seat or not.”

Councils back tracks to Langwarrin and then on to Peninsula . May 2019

BUILD the electric train line to Langwarrin, then full steam ahead to Hastings…!
That’s the call from the region’s two municipalities – Mornington Peninsula Shire and Frankston City Council – in a joint letter to the state government sent in early April.

Liberal hosted Langwarrin community rail extension forum. April 2019

On the evening of Monday 29 April 2019 , Federal Infrastructure Minister Alan Tudge MP and Dunkley MP Chris Crewther briefed the Langwarrin Community on the status of the Frankston rail extension project.

Liberals ramp up Frankston line commuter car parking pledge. April 2019

The federal Liberal government has pledged an additional $38.5 million towards Frankston line station car parking, if re-elected.
The Liberal plan includes 600 new spaces at Frankston Station in partnership with the State government, of which 100 are short-stay spaces, an additional 100 spaces at Seaford station and a further 100 at Kananook Station.
This new $38.5 million pledge is in addition to the $17.5 million Frankston car parking commitment from the Victorian State, which the Federal Labor government has agreed to match if elected on the 18th of May.

Media coverage: April 2019

Rail fail fears rise: Advocacy group fears for train project unless business case completed soon. Councils link up on transport: Mornington Peninsula and Frankston councils want to meet with the Minister for Public Transport Melissa Horne and Minister for Transport Infrastructure Jacinta Allan to discuss extending the electric train service to Hastings.

Federal budget rail money ‘slips’ without state commitment.

The State Government’s failure to commit to co-funding the Frankston train extension is jeopardising the Federal funding that the project has already received. Funding to start the project during 2019-2020 has now slipped out of the Federal budget announced two weeks ago.

Councils united to support train for Hastings

The extension of the rail line to Baxter is currently being discussed, with the federal government committing $228 million to the project and the state government in the process of conducting a business case. Frankston mayor Michael O’Reilly said that both councils had met and support “stage two” of the project extending the rail line through to Hastings. “If the project is to be delivered as a staged rollout, both councils support Frankston-Langwarrin as stage one and Langwarrin-Hastings as stage two,” he said.

Election called nine days after Budget

THE federal election was called by Prime Minister Scott Morrison on Thursday morning 11 April, and Australians go to the polls on Saturday 18 May, just five weeks away.
Mr Frydenberg and Mr Crewther met a delegation from the Committee for Greater Frankston, led by CEO Ginevra Hosking, three days later (5 April) to go through the Budget and how it benefits Greater Frankston and the wider region. Delegates took the opportunity to advocate for much-needed investment in the Greater Frankston region as well as seek clarification on the funding timeline of the Frankston rail extension project, which is covered in a separate article on this website.

Rev Tim Costello interviews community panel, March 2019

Awaiting Cost-Benefit release of study, March 2019

FRANKSTON MP Paul Edbrooke has remained tight lipped on the progress of a business case investigating the extension of the Frankston line to Baxter. Mr Edbrooke did not answer questions from The Times asking for an update of when the case would be completed. The $3 million business case, paid for with federal funding, was started in April of last year. The media release stated it was expected to be completed by “early 2019”. The state Labor government is the missing piece in the project, with both major parties at federal level committed to the project.

SEM delegation, March 2018

The SEM priority projects that would form part of a City Partnership which will create tens of thousands of jobs and transform road and public transport infrastructure through better use of the region’s under-utilised assets, to increase productivity, promote sustainability and ensure liveability. The Committee for Greater Frankston first presented our economic priorities to Mr Albanese in July 2019 and we are thrilled to be working with strong organisations like SEM and our regions local councils to advocate for a city partnership strategy that will revitalise Frankston, creating jobs and a new health and education precinct with key investment in the extension of the commuter rail line.

Mornington Peninsula seeking rail to Hastings, January 2019

FRANKSTON and Mornington councillors have met behind closed doors to discuss the plan to electrify the Frankston line to Baxter. There had been some discrepancy between Frankston and Mornington councils on the issue, as Mornington Peninsula Shire have pushed to see the track extended beyond Baxter all the way to Hastings.  

Rail plan in doubt without state support Jan 2019

Baxter rail plans in doubt. Council calls for commitments. FRANKSTON Council has made a plea to re-elected Frankston MP Paul Edbrooke to make funding commitments to their ‘Future Frankston’ projects.

Labor wins state election

The election victory of the Andrews Labor government has been attributed to many factors, including disunity in the Liberal-National Coalition federal government, but arguably the main positive reason for the win was Labor’s bold infrastructure plans.
Ms Hosking said although the new State government had not yet committed to extending the metro train line beyond Frankston, with a business case due for release next year, it and federal Labor had jointly acknowledged the business need for affordable city car parking, and had jointly promised $35 million to build a 500-space multi-storey car park near Frankston station.
If the Victorian State government does not back the project, it cannot go ahead.

Tracking election commitments, Nov 2018

The extension of the Frankston train line – and the benefits it will bring – is not guaranteed. Extending the train line requires both federal and state government funding. The Federal Liberal Government secured $225 million of Commonwealth funding for the project in last year’s budget. If elected, the Federal Labor Party has pledged to back that commitment. However, whilst a preliminary cost-benefit study is currently underway, the Victorian Labor government has yet to commit to the project. If the Victorian State government does not back the project, it cannot go ahead.

Key election issues, Nov 2018

Battle lines are drawn
There have been plenty of big ticket promises as candidates try to woo voters in the marginal seats of Frankston and Carrum. Mr Edbrooke said Labor’s infrastructure projects had struck a chord with locals.  “I listen intently to our community and they know that I always deliver,” he said. 

Vic election campaign, Nov 2018

Keep informed before you vote
The Committee for Greater Frankston has launched a public information campaign, to keep our community up-to-date on each parties’ election commitment towards the Frankston rail extension and the redevelopment of Frankston Hospital.  The electorates of Frankston, Carrum and Hastings will be informed, through print media, digital channels and our community networks.

Trains give Mum’s Taxi a break, Nov 2018

A reliable train service (every 10-15 minutes) would transform Karingal, Frankston Heights, Frankston South and beyond. It would enable workers to get out of their cars and off congested roads – getting to and from work faster and home to their families sooner. Better transport would improve access to higher paying jobs and boost local incomes, a welcome relief as the cost of living rises. “Mum’s taxi” would get a break – frequent, safe and reliable local trains would enable young people to be more independent of their parents for transport. How good would it be if teenagers could get to their jobs, the beach or sports matches without having to ask mum (or dad) to drive them?

Media coverage, Nov 2018

Time to get on board. A NEW train station between Frankston Hospital and Monash’s Peninsula campus would be among the 25 busiest in Melbourne, new data has revealed.  More than 5000 people would use the station daily, according to research by Melbourne University transport strategist Dr Chris Hale. Read the full study here.

Labor plan for multi-deck parking, Oct 2018

THE Victorian Labor government and federal Labor Opposition have promised to jointly fund a $35 million multi-level car park near Frankston train station if they each win government.Frankston station currently has a 416-space ground-level car park owned by Public Transport Victoria (PTV). It is full before 6.30am on weekdays. Committee for Greater Frankston president Fred Harrison said more accessible and user-friendly car parking in Frankston’s CBD was one of the committee’s main advocacy priorities. “Insufficient free and accessible parking has become a barrier to economic growth so today’s announcement is a good start, but it’s just a beginning as a solution to this major problem requires a much wider strategy,” he said. “Frankston’s economy can’t continue to grow unless the lack of car parking is solved.”

Frankston heights roadshow, Oct 2018

Frankston Heights catches the rail extension.
OLDER residents of Frankston Heights were enthusiastic about the proposed Frankston train line extension when presented with its benefits at a Frankston Heights Probus Club meeting on Tuesday 16 October.  More than 100 members and guests packed Frankston RSL’s main function room to hear about the project. The Probus event was just the latest of several “roadshows” about the rail extension as the committee garners broad-based support for the $450 million plus project, which has the backing of the federal government (Liberal), Victorian opposition (Liberal) and federal opposition (Labor), three of four promises needed for it to go ahead.  The Victorian Labor Government has not yet committed to the project.

Morrison reconfirms support, Sept 2018

AUSTRALIA’S new Prime Minister Scott Morrison has made first visit to Frankston as leader, visiting Leawarra station to reaffirm the federal government’s $228 million commitment to electrifying the Frankston train line to Baxter.  Dunkley MP Chris Crewther, Minister for Cities, Urban Infrastructure and Population Alan Tudge MP, and Victorian leader of the opposition Matthew Guy MP were among the many faces on hand to support the statement.
“This is a project which we announced in the budget, this is a commitment that is fair-dinkum.

Liberal plan for multi-deck parking, Sept 2018

State Coalition pledges to build $30m Frankston station car park.
VICTORIAN Opposition Leader Matthew Guy has promised to build a multi-level car park at Frankston train station if the Coalition wins government at the 24 November state election. The $30 million car park would have 450 additional spaces. Currently the station has a 416-space ground-level car park owned by Public Transport Victoria (PTV) on the eastern, Fletcher Road side of the station.

Monash Peninsula growth, Aug 2018

Monash growth plans on track.  THE Baxter rail line project will provide a major boost for Monash University’s Peninsula campus expansion plans, says vice-chancellor Professor David Copolov. Prof Copolov said a new station — slated for near the Frankston campus as part of the rail project — was vital as student numbers increased at the Frankston campus.  “We have 4000 students at the campus — an increase of 18 per cent on the previous year (and) we’ve had an increase in international student numbers from 300 to 1000,” he said.

Media Coverage, Aug 2018

Labor’s Anthony Albanese vows to move quickly on Baxter rail project. THE Baxter rail project has received another shot in the arm with Federal Labor vowing to start work quickly if elected. Labor transport and infrastructure spokesman Anthony Albanese said his party had thrown its weight behind the project and wanted to get it underway.  “Labor will move quickly to deliver the much-needed Frankston to Baxter rail upgrade,”

Media Coverage, June 2018

Frankston and the Mornington Peninsula community leaders converse on trains, tracks and new stations. THE two recent successes of Committee for Greater Frankston’s advocacy – Lathams Road duplication and Frankston to Baxter rail extension – were on display for the Greater Frankston and the Mornington Peninsula business community on Tuesday 29 May at the second BITE Conference

SEM Advocacy, June 2018

A POWERFUL southeastern suburbs lobby group is calling on politicians to deliver more planes, trains, buses and a freight plan, which they say are needed to future-proof the region. South East Melbourne (SEM) is demanding MPs and candidates to act as “fierce advocates” for the region and work with councils, business and community leaders to secure big ticket infrastructure projects.

Federal Labor pledge, 31 July 2018

A FEDERAL Labor government will build the Frankston rail extension, infrastructure spokesman Anthony Albanese said on Tuesday 31 July.  Mr Albanese – the federal Opposition’s spokesman for infrastructure, transport, cities and regional development – was speaking at a “City Partnerships” roundtable organised by the Committee for Greater Frankston when he made the announcement.

Anthony Albanese event, July 2018

Federal Labor has announced bipartisan support for the Frankston rail extension project. Shadow Minister for Infrastructure, Transport, Cities and Regional Development, Anthony Albanese visited Frankston to discuss Federal Labor plans to bring forward the funding timelines of this vital regional transport project. Mr Albanese said, “Liberals have now put $225 million on the table for the Baxter project, but none of that money is available in 2018-2019.  Labor will do better.”

Leader News group backs rail extension push, July 2018

Frankston Leader has joined Frankston Council in its ‘Extend the Frankston Line’ campaign urging government to fund the essential infrastructure project.  Mornington Peninsula Shire Council mayor Bryan Payne said the project would provide a massive boost for the region and a much-needed upgrade to public transport.

Victorian Liberal pledge, 17 July 2018

TUESDAY 17 July was another red letter day for Greater Frankston when the Victorian Opposition promised to match the federal government’s $225 million to build twin electrified tracks from Frankston to Baxter.  Opposition leader Matthew Guy was joined by Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull when making the announcement at Baxter station.
Mr Guy said if the Liberal National Coalition won the state election in November, his government would match the $225 million allocated in the federal government’s Budget in May to extend the metropolitan train line and build a new station to service Frankston Hospital/Monash University and one at Langwarrin. Baxter station would be upgraded.

Media coverage, June 2018

Frankston and the Mornington Peninsula community leaders converse on trains, tracks and new stations.THE two recent successes of Committee for Greater Frankston’s advocacy – Lathams Road duplication and Frankston to Baxter rail extension – were on display for the Greater Frankston and the Mornington Peninsula business community on Tuesday 29 May at the second BITE Conference

Dan Andrews event, June 2018

The Premier indicated his government would not make any commitment to fund the extension of the Frankston train line before the state election in November – a project that the Committee for Greater Frankston and Frankston City Council have stated would bring significant benefits to the region. Addressing the Premier at the event, Christine Richards told him the rail extension would improve access to the hospital, greatly expand the catchment area for students of Monash University’s Peninsula campus, connect Karingal and Langwarrin’s 37,000 residents with quick and reliable public transport, and free up car parking in Frankston’s CBD.

Frankston transport forum, June 2018

Opposition spokesman on Public Transport David Davis and Frankston Labor MP Paul Edbrooke both pledged to investigate improving services in the long neglected region after community members and councillors raised concerns.

Ministerial visits and roadshows, May 2018

Budgets, meetings and ‘roadshows’ make it a busy merry month of May
The month of May 2018 will be remembered by Committee for Greater Frankston members, board members and others in the organisation as the busiest since the committee was formed in early 2017 with Prime Minister, Infrastructure Ministers, Roads ministers and Treasurer visits. Amid a full program of community group and service club roadshows.

$225 million federal Liberal budget, 7 May 2018

FEDERAL Treasurer Scott Morrison confirmed funding of $225 million to extend the metropolitan electrified train line from Frankston to Baxter during his Budget speech on Tuesday night 8 May.  Mr Morrison’s speech was broadcast live on ABC TV and radio. It was the first time in living memory “Frankston” had been mentioned by a federal Treasurer during his Budget presentation.
Fred Harrison, president of advocacy group Committee for Greater Frankston, was one local listening to the Treasurer. He emailed committee board members next morning: “What wonderful news in the Budget last night. I saw it live and almost fell off my chair when the Treasurer specifically mentioned the Frankston to Baxter train line. A mighty effort from [Dunkley MP] Chris Crewther to help get this up. We’re not there yet but a fantastic starting point. Now we need the state government to match the amount.”

CBD Traders plea, Mar 2018

Frankston Traders letter. Frankston has suffered from lack of parking for more than 40 years. We have lost business to Karingal, Mt Eliza, Mornington and other nearby centres that have free and untimed parking. The authorities talk about creating Frankston jobs. Well, if they make it easier for people to shop and do business in our city, businesses will grow and when businesses grow they need more staff. More parking will lead to more jobs. Taking the strategic view on city access, we heartily support the proposal to extend the Frankston train line. Having a 1000-space commuter car park at Langwarrin is especially attractive idea as it frees up parking in central Frankston.

Monash Peninsula connectivity study, Feb 2018

Read the Monash University Peninsula Campus access study February 2018, by Dr Chris Hale.

$3 million business case starts, Feb 2018

THE Victorian Government has started work on the federally funded business case to assess the costs and benefits of extending the Frankston rail line to Baxter.  The announcement was made on Monday 23 April at Carrum by Minister for Public Transport Jacinta Allan. 

Public benefits case released, Jan 2018

A key priority of the Committee for greater Frankston is the extension of the metropolitan railway line past Frankston, where it currently ends, to Langwarrin a distance of just five kilometres.
Duplication and electrification of this line would provide viable public transport links through all “sandbelt suburbs”. 
Benefiting two of the region’s most car-dependent suburbs, Karingal and Langwarrin, by connecting 37,000 residents including 19,000 who commute to work.The three stations would service Karingal, the Frankston health and education precinct (Monash University’s Peninsula campus, and Frankston Hospital), and Langwarrin. The Frankston line is a significant public asset and extending it to Langwarrin would encourage people out of their cars and off the peak hour congested M1 (Monash Freeway).
There is plenty of affordable land at Langwarrin for a “park and ride” commuter car park. Mornington Peninsula residents would be able to drive to Langwarrin, park and ride, and access the metropolitan train service.  Moving commuter car parking to Langwarrin would free up valuable CBD land at Frankston.

Matthew Guy event Jan 2018

STATE Liberal leader Matthew Guy says the Frankston train line should be electrified and duplicated to Baxter.  
Mr Guy said it didn’t make sense for the rail line to effectively end at Frankston and the move would also free up land in the city’s commercial heart.  “That line does need to be expanded,” he told a luncheon hosted by the Committee for Greater Frankston at McClelland Gallery.

Jacinta Allan event, Oct 2017

President of the Committee for Greater Frankston, Fred Harrison, welcomed Minister Allan to Frankston and thanked her for the money her government had committed for the much-needed transformation of Frankston Station. However, he said that the electrification of the train line to Langwarrin was urgently needed to connect Frankston people with the jobs that they deserve

The 90-year dream

EXTENDING the electric metropolitan train line from Frankston to Baxter has been a dream for more than 100 years. It could have happened 90 years ago when a Victorian parliamentary committee said it should go ahead (at a cost of £92,500 – $185,000) but the Cabinet rejected the proposal. Subsequent calls for extension of the electric system fell on deaf ears especially with the rise of motor vehicles.
Now the project is firmly back on the agenda after the federal and Victorian governments late last year agreed to commission a business case using $4 million of federal funds.
As in the 1920s, many people support the project, including politicians, business people and members of the public.

Fred Harrison on air, Nov 2019

Fred Harrison launches “The Voice of the Peninsula”, community radio station RPP FM, has opened its first pop-up studio.

All aboard the train to progress, Nov 2017

If we are to provide the jobs that are so obviously needed for Frankston’s future, investment will be needed in a range of other major infrastructure projects. The electrification of the train line to Baxter will help both institutions. Both Monash University and Frankston Hospital abut the Frankston to Stony Point train line; the only non-electrified suburban train service in Australia

June 2016, Liberal pledge to undertake Baxter rail extension business case

FRANKSTON Council can tick off its top pre election wish after the Liberals promised to fund a $4 million study into the electrification and duplication of the Frankston to Baxter rail line.
Dunkley Liberal candidate Chris Crewther, accompanied by Minister for Major Projects Paul Fletcher, made the election pledge at Baxter Train Station. The study will also investigate a new station near Frankston Hospital and creating a third express line enabling a 30-minute trip from Frankston to Melbourne. It will examine relocating stabling facilities from Frankston to Baxter — freeing up parking in the Frankston CBD as well as land for residential and commercial development.

May 2016 Station precinct taskforce recommends Electrification to Baxter

FEDERAL Labor has promised to kick in $1.5 million for a business case on the full duplication and electrification of the rail line to Baxter. Labor’s Infrastructure spokesman Anthony Albanese made the announcement at Frankston Train Station this afternoon with Dunkley Labor candidate Peta Murphy and Frankston state Labor MP Paul Edbrooke. The full duplication and electrification of the rail line to Baxter was recommended by the Frankston Station Precinct Taskforce, headed by Mr Edbrooke. Mr Albanese said he was confident the business case would “stack up”.

May 2016, Labor pledge to undertake Baxter rail extension business case

11 June 2014

State urged to back third line plan

THE state government is being asked to climb aboard a plan to electrify the railway line to Hastings between Frankston and Baxter.

Frankston Council says benefits include being able to stable on the line overnight instead of blocking a third line from Frankston to the city and letting commuters from the peninsula park their vehicles and board at Baxter.

Read full story here