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Reviving CBD parking: community consultation # 1

Event review

CIVIC, business and community leaders have began to tackled the complex problem of lack of affordable car parking in Frankston’s CBD at a forum on Wednesday 17 July, the first of several this year.
It was the inaugural community discussion with Frankston Council’s newly formed car parking working group, created in May when Frankston councillors unanimously voted to convene and fund the committee to the tune of $30,000.

This followed news that shop vacancies in Frankston’s CBD (also called Metropolitan Activity Centre or MAC by the council) had reached 21 per cent, arguably the highest in recent memory.

The parking committee is investigating supply and pricing of CBD parking as well as assessing the impact that affordable parking will have on commercial viability of the CBD over the next two decades. The group will provide advice to the council about all aspects of parking in Frankston’s CBD including balancing the different needs of residents, train commuters, shoppers, students, business clients and staff, and visitors.

Committee for Greater Frankston (C4GF) president Fred Harrison, CEO of Ritchies supermarkets, kicked off proceedings – He said creating more affordable parking would require a great deal of work and he commended the “great joint initiative” of the committee and the council. C4GF has been collecting statistics to back the case for improved CBD parking which will be updated and refine over the next 6-months.

Frankston’s mayor Cr Michael O’Reilly said the community car parking committee had been handed the task of suggesting priorities for the council’s “10-year action plan” for parking. It was a great opportunity for collaboration.
He looked forward to the day when public transport was more frequent in Greater Frankston: from 40-minute trains in the old days to 10 minutes now and 5 or 3 minutes in the future.

The full event review and the Committee for Greater Frankston car parking research document Reviving CBD car parking is on the website.

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Event Details:

The Committee for Greater Frankston is hosting a series of community forums in 2019 to tackle Frankston CBD’s car parking problems. The forums will be chaired by Frankston City Council’s new car parking working group, established in May.

All members of the community can have a say about how to improve car park pricing, where to locate the proposed multi-deck car park being funded by the federal and state governments, and management of parking generally – now and into the future.

In mid-May, all 9 councillors voted to create a working group to investigate all aspects of parking in Frankston’s CBD including balancing the different needs of residents, train commuters, shoppers, students, business clients and staff, and visitors.

The working group includes councillors, council officers, and representatives of Committee for Greater Frankston, Frankston Traders’ Association, Peninsula Aquatic Recreation Centre, and health and education bodies such as Frankston Hospital, Chisholm TAFE and Monash University.

The first forum will be on:
Wednesday 17 July
7.30am – 9am – breakfast meeting

Committee for Greater Frankston will present research on “the current state of CBD car parking”, some of which was gathered from earlier studies following a committee-organised forum last September, which was attended by federal and state politicians and candidates, council representatives, and business owners.
Other working group members also will speak and any resident of Frankston or anyone with an interest in parking is invited to speak or contribute ideas in writing.

Lack of affordable car parking in the CBD has become more of an economic problem in recent years – not just one of convenience.
Frankston Leader revealed in early May that the shop vacancy rate in central Frankston had hit 20 per cent, arguably the highest level ever.
Last year, a petition started by CBD traders gathered signatures from 2744 people calling on authorities to “sort out the parking mess”.
The council-initiated working group has been tasked with preparing independent recommendations to improve existing parking as well as future needs to 2035, updating a CBD parking study from 2016, and seeking expert advice from Australia and overseas including car parking management technologies.
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