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Lathams Road Duplication Breakfast – Aidan McGann

Event Review:

Pressure building to duplicate Lathams Road, Carrum Downs

You had to admire the fortitude of the State Government official who spoke at a Committee for Greater Frankston function on 26 July 2017. The discussion was about Lathams Road. The lack of safety on the road has been a burning issue in Carrum Downs for over two decades. Fronting a crowd of 25 business people over breakfast, the regional director of VicRoads, Aidan McGann, calmly told the crowd that it was likely nothing would be done about their concerns in the next 10 years.

Then something wonderful happened. His position slowly changed as he heard the people’s stories. A business owner and his wife who were seriously injured when a truck failed to stop whilst the couple were turning their car. Semi-trailers struggling to break when travelling downhill in the wet. Accident insurance premiums rising due to the number of accidents. Staff avoiding safety risks in Lathams Road by driving 10 minutes out of their way down side streets.

The regional director said he wanted to help. He had heard ‘a strong case for accelerated development’, and would assign staff to co-ordinate planning. In the five weeks since then, working groups have been set up to remodel the Road. Statistics are being collected. ‘Would the Committee for Greater Frankston compile the stories that proved the problem?’ the director asked. ‘And would the Committee’s CEO help develop the strategy to solve it?’

Most certainly the Committee will.


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Event Description:

Dear Carrum Downs Businesses,

Ever asked your dashboard “When will they just get on and finish Latham’s Road?” The Committee for Greater Frankston asked VicRoads and learnt the project to duplicate Latham Road’s is in the “10 years+ project bucket: No one has asked us for it yet.”

Aidan McGann, VicRoads- Regional Director of South-East Metropolitan Roads has readily accepted our invitation to hear why Carrum Downs businesses need the duplication of Latham’s Road now. Aidan will then outline how VicRoads can support the business case development and advocate for its prioritisation.

If we don’t ask nothing will change… We hope to see you there.

When: Wednesday 26th July 2017
Where: Shanikas Cafe, 11 Levida Drive, Carrum Downs, 3201
Time: 7:30am – 9am for breakfast buffet
Cost: $28 for breakfast buffet & a coffee
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Jul 26 2017


07:30 AM - 09:00 AM



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Shanikas Cafe
11 Levida Drive, Carrum Downs, 3201