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Australia Remade: A country fit for the age of disruption

The Committee’s for Cities and Regions Network is delighted to invite you to our member exclusive event to launch Deloitte’s new report, Australia Remade: A country fit for the age of disruption.

As we emerge out of COVID-19, Australia has the opportunity to define its future. The decisions we make today – the way we recover, the size of our ambition and the appetite for reform – will determine the Australia’s future in a post-pandemic world, and how resilient, adaptable and connected we will be.

Derived from interactions with business and community leaders and economic research, Deloitte’s latest report, Australia remade: A country fit for the age of disruption, offers a strategic lens to view Australia’s current challenges – a framework for policy makers and organisations to build resilience and a vision for the economic future we must create together.

The Committee for Cities and Regions is please to convene this forum to explore the future of Australia and how we can bolster our economy including:

▪ The changing nature of our economy and the headwinds facing the Australian economy in the near term
▪ Seven key opportunities for our economy, based on collaboration between businesses and government
▪ Step businesses can take to build organisational resilience.

Dr Pradeep Philip, Lead Partner, Deloitte Access Economics and Niki Alcorn, Partner, National Leader Issues and Solutions Monitor Deloitte will be joined by several preeminent Australian leaders for what promises to be a captivating panel discussion.


Oct 28 2021


11:00 AM - 12:15 PM



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