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Jobs, jobs, jobs – we need more land for our livelihoods

Carrum Downs Industrial Estate has overtaken the Frankston CBD to become the engine room of Greater Frankston’s economy, producing over 30 per cent of our municipality’s economic output; employing 8600 employees; generating $3.65 billion in economic activity; and growing jobs at a rate 13 times higher than the southern region average.

Read our more in our Land for Livelihoods pamphlet.


Best practice planning for Sustainable Industry

Envisage this…

At a time when we need action on climate change and jobs more than ever, Frankston Council could address both issues by releasing degraded green wedge land between East Link and Frankston Dandenong Road to expand the Carrum Down industrial precinct to create a 21st century, six-star, ecologically sustainable industrial park with integrated recycled water, energy and transport usage for use by clean, innovative, job-dense, high-tech companies.

With good planning green corridors and canopy cover could be introduced to improve the environmental value of the land and the development of the land could also raise funds for protecting and improving other green wedge land in the area. 

Read more in our Circular economy pamphlet


Submission to Frankston City Council’s Draft Industrial Land Strategy Review

On 14 September 2020 Committee for Greater Frankston made a formal submission to Council. The full submission can be read here


Submission to State Government



Committee for Greater Frankston made a formal submission to Planning for Melbourne’s Green Wedges and Agricultural Land, Phase 2 Consultation in February 2021. The full submission can be read here





Carrum Downs job growth hits boundaries

The Carrum Downs Industrial Estate is south-east Melbourne’s fastest-growing, most productive employment hub.  Job growth is over 13 times higher than the southern region average.
Innovative, job-dense, high-tech industrial design and engineering firms are attracted to Carrum Downs because of its excellent transport corridors, unique location and proximity to Dandenong’s industrial precinct, and affordable, modern industrial layout

Successful businesses in Carrum Downs have radically improved Frankston’s employment trends. Working age residents are now more likely to work and almost 20% more locals now have a job.

Almost half of these businesses are looking to expand, we need options to support them or they will leave and these jobs will go.

However, the available supply of land in the Carrum Downs precinct has been exhausted and is also scarce in neighbouring Dandenong South.

Prima facie, expanding Carrum Downs Industrial Estate northward has the highest potential for economic return and job growth, with the least social and environmental impact.

This dossier of interviews aims to share Carrum Downs Industrial Estate success stories.  Many businesses have invested in leading technology and on-demand manufacturing plants; they own their own intellectual property and they are exporting it to the world…

Please take the time to read about these businesses and how we can help keep them here.

Frankston City Council is reviewing its green wedge policy. Green wedge land is vital for the region. However there needs to be a rethink about where green wedge land is zoned and how it is managed for the most benefit of the community.
Click here to find the Committee for Greater Frankston’s first submission to Frankston City Council. 
For more information on the issue please read C4GF detailed written submission, June 2019